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History of the School

Braidwood Primary is a modern school situated in Lower Braidwood, approximately half a mile from the A73 on the B7056 to Crossford.

The original building, a traditional sandstone design is situated in Braidwood Road. It has recently been converted into housing.

Braidwood Primary School

The current building was opened in 1974. It is a round, semi-open plan design. The outer circle of the school accommodates 7 class bases, two open areas and an ICT computer suite. The inner circle has two open areas, one for use by P.1-3 pupils and one for use by P.4 pupils. It also has a well resourced fiction and non-fiction library. The carpeted centre circle is used for P.E, drama and assemblies. The design of the school helps to pull the school community together well.

When the present building opened in 1974 only two of the class bases were used to accommodate the pupil roll which at the time was around 40 pupils. Miss Torrance was appointed Head Teacher of the new school. Miss Torrance remained in post for over 20 years until her retirement in June 1997.

The school roll has grown steadily. In 1997 when Mrs. Lynas took over as Head Teacher, the roll had risen to 121. It has continued to rise and the school currently has just over 180 pupils. At present, 15% of our pupils live within Braidwood Primary 's catchment area and 85% of pupils attend Braidwood Primary as a result of successful placing requests.