Parent Council

What is a Parent Council?

The Scottish schools (Parental Involvement act 2006), became law on 14th June 2006, and came into force through a timetable which was set by the Scottish Executive. Braidwood Parent Council was incorporated in September 2007, and effectively replaces the school board and the PTA. The intention behind these changes is to improve the extent of parental involvement in their child's learning at school.

All parents / carers are automatically part of what is called the Parent Forum, and from this we have formed an elected Parent Council who meet on a regular basis.

The Parent council is divided into three working groups - The Business Group, the Fundraising Group and the Gala Day Committee who work closely together. Members of the council are ordinary parents who serve on a voluntary basis and whose basic and various 'duties' are set out below.

A Parent Council's duties include :-
  • Consulting with parents and reporting to parents on matters of interest.
  • Encouraging the development of links between the school and parents.
  • Taking part in the selection process for a new head teacher of the school.
  • Discussing and approving the head teacher's plans for purchasing books and educational materials.
  • Setting dates for occasional holidays in consultation with interested parties.
  • Under the direction of the local Council assisting in the letting of school premises.
  • Receiving reports from the head teacher and the local education authority.
  • Receiving an annual budget for administration, training and other expenses, and
  • Having power to raise funds and spending for the benefit of the school after consultation with the head teacher.
Parent involvement is very important to the school. When the next vacancies arise on the Council at the AGM in September it would be heartening to have a number of prospective members from all those parents out there wishing to serve on the Council.

The Scottish Parent Council Association, of which we are members, has a vision -

Together we can..
  • Understand schools.
  • Contribute to the intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual well being of our children.
  • Work as partners in our local community.
  • Foster respect for the tolerance of others.
  • Increase parents' involvement in the Improving Schools Agenda (Scottish Executive Education Department).
  • Increase parents' contribution to policies and development at school, local authority and national levels.
Parents can make a difference - When...
  • They have a voice at national level.
  • Are supported and encouraged.
  • Meet together to share ideas, issues and good practice.
To give you more information about Parental Involvement in schools please refer to the following websites :