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Pupil Council Raised £108.55 for Save the Children

posted 4 Mar 2015, 09:30 by Susan McCafferty

The Pupil Council raised £108.55 for Save the Children by organising and running the Christmas Jumper day at the end of December.
Well Done to all of the Pupil Council along with Miss Rogan, Mrs MacGregor and Mrs Allan. 
A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT for a very worthy cause.

Please Help us by Donating Items for The Clydesdale Food Bank

posted 29 Oct 2013, 09:09 by Braidwood Primary Web

This term the Pupil Council are helping The Clydesdale Food Bank set up by the Church of Scotland in Carluke, in co-operation with the New Beginning Project. The aim of this project is to collect food and household items to help those in food poverty. Schools in Carluke have been asked to participate in bringing food into school to make up food banks.
We have decided to help people in our Community by asking pupils to bring in some essential items. This is entirely voluntary but if you can bring any spare or unwanted items from their list then that would be greatly appreciated.
We have divided up the household pack between our seven classes. If you have any of the following items, please bring them to school. There will be a food bank box in each class for all items. The Pupil Council will then make up the packages to be delivered to Clydesdale Food Bank.
Food Lists:
Primary 1 - Tea Bags, Soap, Jam/Marmalade, Kitchen Rolls, Packet of Savoury Rice, Dry Pasta and Rice.
Primary 2 - Coffee, Shampoo, Cooking Oil, Tissues, Tinned Vegetables and Tinned Fruit.
Primary 3 - Sugar, Cleaning Cloths, Diluting Juice, Soup, Tinned Pasta, Jar of Sauce to go with Rice and Biscuits.
Primary 4 - Ketchup, Scourers, Washing up liquids, Cup a Soup, Tinned/Dried Potatoes, Jar of Pasta Sauce and Toothbrush.
Primary 5 - Brown Sauce, Toothpaste, Noodles, Washing Powder, Tinned Tomatoes, Cereal and Face Cloth.
Primary 6 - Tinned Beans, Tin Opener, Tinned Fish, All Purpose Cleaner/Wipes and Porridge.
Primary 7 - Toilet Rolls, Salt, Pepper, Bleach, Packet Pasta in Sauce and Tinned Meats.
The Pupil Council would like to thank you for any donations with this project.
Pupil Council

Pupil Council Bring and Buy Sale

posted 7 Feb 2013, 04:44 by Braidwood Primary Web

The Pupil Council along with the help of Primary Seven, organised a Fundraiser before the Christmas Holidays. We were raising money for Demas, who lives in Uganda, Africa. Braidwood Primary School sponsor him to help him get the education that he needs. We did two things:
  1. A raffle – we sold Raffle Tickets to all classes during our lunchtime.
  2.  We organised a Bring and Buy sale for all classes. It was a lot of hard work but we made it and we put all of our effort in to making this work. We had various stalls with books, toys, games, jigsaws etc. We had about 5 or 6 people on each stall and it was really good fun selling the items. We were really pleased that we raised over £300 in one day.
By Melissa Smillie

Bring and Buy Sale - Friday 14th December (during school hours)

posted 21 Nov 2012, 06:03 by Braidwood Primary Web

The event will be run by the pupil-council representatives with additional supervision supplied by teachers and the school support staff.
For this event we are asking the children to bring in any un-wanted (but good condition, all parts present and working), DVDs (U rated only), toys, books, puzzels etc. Items which cannot be accepted are DVDs with ratings other than U, videos, electrical items and clothes/shoes. We would very much appreciate parents/carers help in ensuring the suitability of the items donated. 
The pupil council request that the items be brought into the school from Monday 3rd December onwards to enable them to label and price items. It is anticipated that the price range will be s
et between 20p - £2.00 maximum.
It is also anticipated to run a childrens raffle on the same day, 50p per ticket and sales will begin the week
begining the 10th December.
All proceeds from these events will be going towards supporting the sponsorship of Demas at St Paul's Community School, Uganda and Pupil Council funds for future purchases within the school.

RAG BAG Collection Wednesday 14th March

posted 7 Mar 2012, 07:50 by Braidwood Primary Web

The Eco-committee have organised a special RAG BAG collection on Wednesday the 14th of
March. The bin is located just inside the school gates.

Please remember to send any of the following unwanted items to school by 9am on Wednesday the 14th of March in securely tied plastic bags.
We can accept the following items:
  • All men’s, ladies and children’s clothing
  • Paired shoes (tied together)
  • Handbags, bags, ties & belts
  • Soft Toys
  • Blankets
  • Underwear to include socks, tights, pants and bras etc...
  • Household textiles to include towels, bed linen, curtains etc...
We cannot accept the following items:
  • Duvets both synthetic and feathered
  • Carpets
  • Rugs
  • Soiled or wet clothing
The RAG BAG bin will remain in the school grounds and we encourage anyone to place unwanted items in it on a regular basis. The school will make 50p for every kg of textiles uplifted.

Primary 7 Christmas treat

posted 2 Dec 2011, 03:34 by Braidwood Primary Web

DATE: Tuesday 20th December during the school day
Primary 7 will be going to the VUE cinema and Pizza Hut for their Christmas treat. We are all looking forward to this.


posted 2 Dec 2011, 03:32 by Braidwood Primary Web

DATE: Friday 9th December
The choir will be performing in the new Tesco in Carluke. They will be performing in Tesco to raise money for the school choir. The choir will also be performing in Milton Grange Care home. GOOD LUCK CHOIR!!!

Switch off Fortnight

posted 2 Dec 2011, 03:30 by Braidwood Primary Web

DATE: 21st of November - 2nd of December
PEOPLE/CLASSES INVOLVED: Full School with help from the Eco Committee
To help save money by saving energy we are reducing our electricity use. Later in the fortnight the Eco Committee will be giving a special presentation. They have been putting up stickers to remind you to turn off the lights when you are finished. A leaflet was sent home to encourage families to "switch on to switch off" and "say goodbye to standby".

P7 WW 2 Tea Dance

posted 2 Dec 2011, 03:25 by Braidwood Primary Web

DATE: 1st of December, 2011, Thursday
P7 WW2 Tea Dance
For Primary 7's WW2 topic they have arranged to have a WW2 tea dance. They have been learning to jive and waltz. All children are extremely excited to come to school waering clothes people would have worn in WW2! There will be a competition for best dressed and they will be modelling their gas masks. There will also be a WW2 ration party.

Book Launch and Book Fair

posted 2 Dec 2011, 02:26 by Braidwood Primary Web

DATE: 31st October 2011
PEOPLE/CLASSES INVOLVED: P6 - Book Fair    (all classes visited)
                                            P4 - Book Launch
Book Fair - Primary six set up the book fair for children to buy books or stationery. They sold £1012 worth of books which gave the school £600 to spend on new books.
Book Launch - Primary four wrote books, adventures around the world, classes went to see the books, and there was a red carpet!
Book Fair - Open at parents night, you could buy books for three days, it was open for four. Thank you for all sales.
Book Launch - It took place on teh 12th October, you were allowed to skim the books. Inside were stories of places they have been.

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